Using neon colours in the used panties sales

The neon colours have been quite popular recently and are a fashion trend that is worth including in your used panties offers.

There are varied ways of doing it and it’s going to impress all of the used panties clients. Men are fascinated with the bright colours and always prefer women wearing them. When feeling bored try out putting in practice your fashion knowledge and experiment with the following playful ideas.

Glowing hairstyle
A very popular way to achieve a new look has been the Pravana Neons and Vivids hair colours. It’s an amazing way to transform your hair and give it a very modern and beautiful look. In the combination with a sexy lingerie, it’s going to create impressive erotic photos and catch the attention of the buyers. Men are specially excited when women change the way they look in a mysterious and unknown way. Having such an unusual and pretty hairstyle is definitely an effective way to amaze them, and involve them in chatting and naughty panties negotiations with you.

Sexy bright lingerie
Naturally, wearing sexy lingerie in bright colours is the simplest and most common way to excite the used panties clients when it comes to neon shades. However, you should pay extra attention when you choose the specific colours. It’s very easy to choose the wrong one and totally ruin the sexy look. What matters the most when you choose lingerie in neon colours is the way it combines with the shade of your skin. The pale tones are combined well with the pink colours, while the darker ones are more easily matched with the green neon colours. Just follow your senses and you’re going to choose the best one.

Mesmerising manicure
You may not pay that strict attention to the nail polish you choose, nonetheless having a more special neon shade and using it in the used panties sales, you can have an impressive influence over the clients. Men and especially the fans of the hands fetish, naturally observe the manicure in more details. All used panties buyers are going to be excited to have a look at your sexy and provocative manicure. Just make sure that you capture it well with your camera, next to your erotic lingerie. The better you combine them and pose with them in order to expose the shades well, the more you’re going to affect the used panties fans.

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