Things you may have never tried in the used panties community

The kinkier the things you do online in the used panties community, the more chances you’re going to have to be popular and desired by all clients. It’s interesting and entertaining to spice things up once in a while and do something extra dirty. Having in mind the different fetishes that the used panties buyers have and how far in sexuality you can go, you can select some naughty activities and attract the attention.

There are so many things from which you can choose and easily promote the success of your used panties business.

Selling your hair
Some used panties buyers have other fetishes together with the dirty lingerie. There are men that are aroused by the beautiful hair of women and would be happy to have some strands of it. When you have extra free time and you’re not quite busy making used panties negotiations, you can consider adding some kinky and interesting offers like sexy hair classifieds. You’re going to catch the attention of a lot of men surely and also, it’s good to try promoting it to various clients of yours. Adding some hot descriptions and how you like to play with it, you’re going to excite the naughty mind of the buyers and make them invest.

Offering dirty sex toys
If you are a kinky type of woman and you use sex toys, it’s good to have in mind that you can sell them as well. Men like all types of objects that have been used by women in a sexual and non sexual way. Having a sex toy that you consider to change with some new sex toys, you can earn a lot of profits selling it. Don’t be shy but feel free to be naughty online. The used panties community is exactly the place where you should be as dirtier as possible. Post some classifieds featuring your dirty sex toys and your used panties clients are definitely going to take interest in them.

Having someone to photo shoot you
The sexy lingerie photos that you take are surely quite attractive, however when another person photo shoots you the visual materials are taken from another point of view and you can appear even sexier. Have this in mind and try to make a photo session using the help of one of your close friends. You can pose sexily in lingerie freely without worrying about the technical details of the photo but count on the understanding of the photographer. You just need to be calm and open minded enough to feel comfortable in the company of another human being and let him photo shoot you in a sexy lingerie.

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