Questions that you shouldn’t ask your used panties buyers

Man can be very sensitive when it comes to some of the personal details about their individuality. Being careful and evading to ask them things that can make them feel vulnerable or threaten their masculinity, you can make sure that they are going to like you and chat with you a lot. Once you’ve assured a used panties buyer that he can share with you and talk with you without feeling embarrassed or uncomfortable, he is going to confide in you and maintain relation with you continually.

That’s the best way to increase the number of your loyal used panties clients.

How old they are
The majority of men are relatively sensitive when it comes to discussing their age. Whether the age stated in the profile of the used panties buyer looks real or not, you should abstain from talking about it. Men like to look younger and this normally makes them feel more masculine and confident. If you are okay to make used panties business with men having varied ages, then it’s an insubstantial detail about which should not be made any discussions. However, if you have personal preferences in relation to the age of the used panties buyer, it’s better to move on to another client than ruin your fame as a respectful seller.

Why they are single
If you’ve chatted with a used panties buyer and you know that he is single, you may associate his love status with his active participation in the naughty community. It’s good not to make such associations and share them with the client. Men can get excited and offended easily when their love life and experiences are discussed. Just have this little detail in mind when you make used panties negotiations with someone and remember that the single men are going to be some of your most loyal clients. They lack intimacy and sexual excitation, and are definitely going to participate more often in the business.

What is their sexual orientation
It’s possible that you encounter used panties buyers that are bisexual or enjoy other kinkier sexual practices. It’s good to focus on the negotiations, rather than analysing the sexual preferences of a buyer. That way you don’t risk making them feel uncomfortable and criticised. Every person has his own unique way of viewing and experiencing sexuality. Online you and the rest of the members can benefit greatly from the established liberty and eliminating of prejudices. Always be respectful toward the used panties buyers’ sexual taste even when it’s kind of kinky. It’s going to gain you great respect and popularity online.

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