Conversation starters for used panties sellers

In order to start chatting with a used panties buyer and indeed impress him, you should make sure that you look like an original and interesting seller. There’s a lot of competition and buyers start making offers with the sellers that catch their attention the fastest way. Pay attention to the way you interact with the buyers and feel free to introduce new techniques of communication.

1.Asking questions about his name online
Many used panties buyers pick a name to suit their personality and impress the rest of the community. You can use it in order to play with his ego, discussing how wonderful it sounds or creating a more intricate word play depending on the name itself. Asking a used panties buyer about his name or including it in a playful sequence allures him profoundly, for names being one of the most personal and exciting things in the sexual sphere.

2.Bringing up a common sexual discussion
Commenting on common topics related to lingerie, fetishes and sexuality, shows the panties buyers that you’re a person open for conversations and making negotiations. Silent sellers don’t tend to get as much attention to the talkative ones, so even if you don’t have particular ideas into your mind, send a message provoking for more discussions about lingerie. That can attract the attention and realise the first most important contact with a used panties buyer.

3.Finding common personality traits and hobbies
Observing into details a used panties buyer’s profile, you can get an idea of what person he is and eventually find common things with him. It can be a hobby or a favourite activity, that you can use in order to chat about it and gradually start discussing the used panties hobby as well. Focusing the attention on other things makes you look as a unique and attentive used panties seller.

4.Just sending a lingerie photo
You can just send a nice sexy lingerie photo and tell a buyer to search for it and see it in his messages. Unexpected and surprising sexy materials always fascinate men. With a tempting lingerie photo you excite and at the same time don’t oblige someone to buy. The charm of the photo itself makes a client to think about buying, feeling excited and desiring more.

You can use these tips when you’re wondering on how to get into contact with a certain used panties buyers. It’s good to be an active and talkative seller in order to make your used panties offers profitable. That’s how you can put an end to the boredom and get your offers to be more successful and dynamic.

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