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How old do you have to be to sell used Panties?

To sell used underwear on Pantydeal, women need to be 18 or older. It is a fun network where consulting adults can sell their used panties to appreciative, registered members who can’t live without their intimate smell. This is an adult website where sexy ladies can easily and anonymously earn money by selling used panties and other underwear.


Connect with fetish lovers and sell sell sell!

More than 25000 fetishists who can’t wait to buy worn panties or sell used sex toys are registered on this leading marketplace and social network. This is a user-friendly website that offers free signup and an individual shop system for every seller. The details are sorted out and clarified by sellers and buyers between themselves, before the transaction is agreed upon. It is a loving relationship between excited adults – the sellers are happy about the extra cash as well as being able to provide a unique service and the buyers are content about a safe place to make their sexual fantasies come true.

Adults who adore womens aroma

Daring adults who adore the exiting aroma of women from different walks of life will benefit from using this straightforward instructions and other first-rate features and user tools. Strict site regulations protect personal data so that the amateurs can sell their fetish items safely, while earning money. No need to lose sleep over hidden fees or exorbitant commissions. None of that is applicable to this site, only perks like free handling and individual contract conciliation. Hundreds of classified ads and articles can be browsed and once registered as a user; each member gets a user account, a complimentary card, a photo album and a messaging system. He or she can watch videos and chat to other members and sellers.

The ratings system’s accuracy makes it easy to set up a deal because it is guaranteed that the women are indeed amateurs, the photographs genuine and the panties exactly as advertised.

Why do Some Men Wear Women’s Used Panties

To some people, the idea of there being plenty of men willing to pay good money for used undergarments such as bras, hosiery, lingerie, and panties or any other item worn by a woman is considered weird.


The most popular types of panty fetishes

In fact, one of the most popular types of panty fetishes involves used women panties. With the advent of the internet, the industry of used panties has been on the rise. Currently, the industry consists primarily of women selling their used panties through independent websites like However, the fetish is not just limited to panty sniffing and licking; some men actually find it more sexually fulfilling when they wear women’s used panties. To some, wearing women panties is usually a matter of preference and never about being effeminate. Most of these men love the feel and the thrill of a woman’s underpants as they find it to be erotic.

Just about all men who purchase used panties from the website do it for the scent. Most of the guys who wear these panties usually love carrying the woman’s scent with them. This does not come as a surprise as a woman’s scent is considered as a very powerful sexual tool. These used panty fetishists usually prefer panties from a single woman whom they lust or have crush on. For customer retention, most panty sellers on pantydeal usually prefer such buyers. However, there are those men who just love wearing used panties and they don’t care really who they belonged to. To them, the panties are used to enhance their sexual fantasies and the woman who wore them is considered irrelevant.

Other men just love the texture of the used panties. Usually women panties are made out of soft fabrics like satin and silk, which are textiles that are not available to men. The feel of the panties together with the scent that accompanies them, reminds them of women. However, most seasoned used panty fetishist love trying their erection burst through the used panties and to achieve this experience, they are willing to spend money to get these panties from online networks.

Juicy and wet panties

How to preserve the scent of wet panties?

Before one can sell used panties, and gain a profit from the same, one should conduct research as to how to preserve the scent of the panties. Clients do not just pay for used thongs; they purchase the scent that comes with the panty. Scents can be preserved in various ways, to ensure that the client purchasing the panty gets exactly what they are paying for.

Juicy and wet panties
Juicy and wet panties

How to keep the used panties wet and juicy

Juicy panties can be preserved in zip lock bags. Folding the panties into the bag immediately after removing them, ensures that the original smell remains in place. Sip lock bags are cheap and easily available, ideal for a starter. However, it is important to note that panties stored in zip lock bags may not earn more money as other storage measures, especially for clients who enjoy sniffing. Sniffers and panty buyers often state that the zip lock bag could interfere with the natural scent of the panty especially when it is not used carefully.
Verified internet sites like with excellent user reviews encourage members to use vacuum sealers to preserve the scent in the panties they are selling. The vacuum sealer maintains the different scent zones. Furthermore, stronger scents that can be collected especially when the wearer of the panty is hot, and moisture resulting from the same can be preserved as they are. In such a case, clients are usually willing to pay much for these used panties. In addition, where the panties on sale are stained, the original stains are preserved and maintained, ensuring that the cost goes even higher and that you get regular clients.

Wet panties and where to buy them:

Wet panties are in high demand, and can earn you a lot. Panties collected when one is horny, are ideal for increasing sale and generating new clients. However, in order to maintain these clients, the scent of the wet panties must be maintained as it is. Any changes to the natural scent can cause clients to be less satisfied and therefore move to seek other sellers. The scent of the panties and moisture content must be maintained as it is, in order to please clients. Before mailing or shipping any used panty, as a seller it is important to ensure that you have taken precautions to maintain the scent properly.

is selling used panites illegal or legal?

Is it illegal to buy and sell used panties and dirty socks?

If you’ve been thinking about making some extra income by joining the thousands of women selling their used underwear online, it’s only natural that you want to be sure that what you’re doing is completely legal.

is selling used panites illegal or legal?
is selling used panites illegal or legal?

Selling used panties online is 100% legal

The good news is that, in the UK, it’s not against the law to buy or sell used panties. That said, most of the major online auction and payment sites will not allow such items to be listed or traded as they breach their business regulations. This means that if you want to reach eager customers willing to pay good money for your used thongs, panties and underwear, you’ll need to turn to a specialist site.

Pantydeal is the biggest marketplace online for buying and selling your panties and makes it safe, simple and easy to find hundreds of men eager to get their hands on your dirty underwear. It’s easy money and while you might not be able to earn a full-time salary, you can certainly make a useful second income with which to treat your sex to a few of life’s little luxuries.

What you should keep in mind if you want to start selling used panties

Though you don’t have to worry about the law, there are a few practical considerations it’s worth bearing in mind if you want to make the most of this way of life. The men who buy used panties do so because they love the way a woman smells in her most intimate areas. You’ll need to wear each pair of panties for at least a full day and night – 24 hours – but the longer you wear them, the more you’ll be able to sell them for.

The key to success in the panty selling business:

Customer satisfaction is the key to continuing success. The more strongly your panties smell of you, the happier the men who buy them will be and the more business you’ll get. When planing your profits, don’t forget to make an allowance for the cost of buying the panties in the first place and always remember that you can only wear one pair at a time.

I sold my worn panties online – this is why I did it

Women of all background scenes and circumstances sell panties online for a lot of cash every day. There are hundreds of panty fetishists at a site called Selling used panties can become the primary earnings for college students.

How you can make some extra cash selling worn panties
How you can make some extra cash selling worn panties

This business has continued to obtain recognition with the newest increase in requirement for men to meet fetishists. Usually panty sniffers have motivation and effective sex-related excitement when doing this. Selling of used knickers, what may sound abhorrent, dreadful, or kinda weird to some may be a long-lasting earner especially for attractive ladies that needed the money for college and all you need to do is what you do all day long, use a couple of nice panties the whole day.

Why I started selling my worn panties online

Needed the money, selling used under garments can be considered a job at least for some. Living in the Twenty first century, sex-related open-mindedness has become common. Panties used by a pretty woman are a rather easy to understand fetish. Panties by themselves have a very sex-related significance to them, and so does the individual fragrance of each female’s private parts. You do not normally get both of them together, so getting a couple of sold worn panties is something really special for panty sniffers.
Obviously you can think about what a man would want to do with worn panties, but you do not have to if you do not get the concept delectable. All you need to do is wear panties, discover a client for them, and sell them to whatever price you were thinking of asking.

For how much I sell my worn undies:

Selling of used panties can become your primary earnings as a college girl. However, your possible earnings also rely on how lengthy you are willing to put on a pair. You can take a look at hundreds of panty fetishists at a site known as which normally provides women help to sell worn panties. Usually, the prices for worn panties are about 40 $ for a 2 day worn panty. Then consider how many panties you would provide and what you are going to provide together with them. An example is, offers with images of you dressed in them which will generally generate you more cash than the panties by themselves. When you adhere to the genuine opportunities, your possibilities of determining independently on how much you are going to generate are rather versatile and completely up to you.