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The best films about fetishes, lingerie and sexuality

“Betty Page Reveals All” (2012)

This film is focused on the life of the sexy model and is quite autobiographical. However it is interesting showing her career evolution presenting the intricacies of the business. Together with the portrayal of her career and life, the sexiest photos and models of lingerie can be also observed. Everybody can inspire himself with this movie, showing the passionate star and the vintage lingerie tendencies. The iconic blue eyes, red lips and dark hair have permanently influenced the culture and are symbol of the 50s. Listening about the star from many other celebrities like Dita von Teese, Naomi Campbell and many others, is quite exciting and full of various curios details. That’s the perfect movie for the people who want to have a more detailed look over the pin-up lingerie fashion, the sexy symbol of the 50s (Betty Page) and all of the circumstances made possible the peak of the sexiest lingerie to take place that time.

“American Courtesans” (2013)

Watching this movie can explain and make it easy to understand the lives of the infamous social role of courtesans. The focus of attention is put on the career and personal events of the sex workers. That way a career like this can be analysed behind the sexy lingerie and naked scenes. The beauty, sexy lingerie and style of the courtesans is perfectly completed with their intimate life stories about how they’ve started and how they look at their job. All prejudices are to be eliminated with the release of such movie, making for people to feel more comfortable to talk about the sexy lingerie, fetishes, courtesans and everything related with those taboo themes.

“Frisky Business” (2014)

These TV Series are about the sex toy company “Lovehoney”. A variety of casual takes and how the company has developed are made. It’s created to be interesting to the fans of sex toy industry revealing what happens behind the scenes, discussing the diverse sex items, lingerie, bondage, toys, and all the other sexy products. That’s one of the most fast-growing company for lingerie and sex goods which also dares to reveal all of the intricacies and curios facts about the business. It’s quite entertaining and full of exotic knowledge, which makes it the perfect series for the fans of lingerie and fetishes.

Learning about the complex process of sex toy making or getting into the lives of sex symbols can be quite fun and interesting. Lingerie lovers can surely be inspired to know more about the history and secret facts related to the industry. It’s worth it to watch sometimes such films in order to be more informed dirty panties seller or just an excited fan.

Lingerie bra trends around the world

There are tendencies that can be noticed in the lingerie designs around the different countries. Exploring and knowing the various styles can help you to differentiate between the models you buy and get to have your own favorites. Moreover, switching from style to style can be quite fun and inspiring for the panties lovers and used underwear sellers.

American trends
In the States the most popular and distributed model of bras are the push-up bras. There are almost no other designs and the whole underwear industry has focused on that exact style. The models are created with the use of various fabrics and lacy elements in order for the lingerie to look fashionable and modern. However, such types of underwear can be quite uncomfortable, especially for the full-bust ladies. The typical American trend can be also seen in the popular Victoria’s secret show, with its essential focus on the looks rather on the variety of the structure of every model of underwear.

European trends
Contrary to the shiny push-up bras and lingerie, in Europe diverse models of lingerie have been developed. There are companies creating especially underwear that combines comfort with looks. After all women search not only for good-looking but also for pragmatic undergarments. Push-up bras are not that much spread and the normal cup of bras is used quite often. The use of wires, pads and various textures is mixed and experimenting with the feel of the products and their trends is continuously promoted. Europe is the place where women can really test the variety and benefit from the physical aspects of the lingerie.

Asian trends
In the Asian countries underwear is made in some specific ways focused on how cleavage looks. The central aim is breasts to be brought together and a seductive cleavage created. A variety of bras without pads are manufactured, which makes the push-up bras almost a non-existent trend in those countries. The models give full liberty for body to fit in the garments and look in the best way possible. Really beautiful details and textures are included, reminding of the pretty garments that can be found all around the continent, from the colorful kimonos to the fascinating Indian style fashion.

Those are the three most distinguishable styles in the underwear market. Every trend has its own advantages and disadvantages and is strongly influenced by the society’s values and demands. No matter how, all of those lingerie trends are glamorous and worth to be included in the female intimate looks.

Valentine panties gifts from a stranger

For this Valentine’s Day Uber is going to make a promotion of erotic lingerie. It’s a nice strategy to make taxi rides fun and make it easier for people to get the most important garment in the last minutes. Similarly, there are a lot of cool and useful techniques that could be used in the dirty panties business. Celebrations are all about trying out new things and making sales more fun, so it’s worth to bring new ideas in the used underwear offers, too.
Taxi drivers will provide a sexy pair of panties to all their customers. That’s a quite cool service considering the festive circumstances. However, dirty panties offers can include some extra services for the buyers and boost panties sales. One way is to add a gift to a pair of panties to every buyer. It’s time to be creative and offer more unusual things and catch customers’ attention. Some sexy photos and videos can be added to every pair of worn panties. That way the exact same pair can be seen in action and enjoyed extremely by the buyer when received. Moreover various objects like sex toys or quirkier models of panties can be included for the celebration also. Both could be used, the unusual things or the good-old techniques, depends on the taste of the dirty panties seller.
In addition, Valentine’s day is the time to promote more vigorously and catch the attention of the dirty panties buyers. That day everybody is more sensitive about the sexual themes and panties offers can be promoted more successfully. Being active and benefit from the appropriate time for seducing the buyers can have a long-lasting effect on the dirty panties offers. All types of fetishes can be explored and included in the offers. Using some used socks together with the dirty panties can be a quite prosperous way to get the attention of more people while still keeping things simple. To be successful depends on both, the newer and sexier lingerie offers you make and how you’re going to approach the buyers on that special day.
Consider what have made your used underwear offers to be profitable and what is still missing. Such celebrations are ideal for including some new things and promoting the lingerie. Using the Valentine’s day exciting setting is the best approach for every panties seller wanting to achieve more profits.

Other dirty panties sellers – a threat or a beneficial friendship?

The relationship with the other female members online selling dirty underwear can be quite delicate and full of insecurities. It is important to establish a stable attitude and maintain your relations friendly. Other sellers are in the competition for buyers but they could be helpful in many ways as well. The best choice is to be careful while still be part of a team with them. Both approaches are crucial for being the best in the dirty underwear sales.
Dirty panties sellers are competing all the time. The vigorous rivalry is on many levels like pictures, prices, quality of service. Keeping profile looking professional is not enough, but every dirty panties seller is curious to observe the others and be better than them. Getting informed about others and where are you standing in relations to their actions is always of importance. That gives realistic point of view and ideas for a change in your profile and techniques for selling dirty underwear. Sellers form an important part of every used underwear community and continually create and renovate the conditions of their panties offers. That’s why it’s good to be active and attentive toward everybody’s actions.
Additionally, dirty panties sellers are not always to be rivals. More friendly relations could be established also. Working in a team is always helpful in many spheres in life. Maintaining contact and friendship with other used panties sellers means sharing advices, experiences and exploring the business in a new way. That is the easiest method to stay informed and get more experienced and good at the industry. A person could never explore by himself everything about the dirty panties sales fast, so staying in contact with other members can be time saving. Having always new tips and information while still managing your time you can efficiently work on the dirty panties offers and put all of your ideas in practice. There are various things with which used underwear buyers are going to surprise you, so putting efforts in practicing is definitely the best way to polish all of your seller’s skills. Persistence and the desire to learn are key if you want to convert yourself in an expert.
Maintaining a lot of contacts with sellers can help you to be one of the best sellers and even compete more vigorously. Being flexible and more sociable are key for the dirty panties business which is established mainly on human interaction and moves. Take your time to learn effective skills in polishing your profile and sales while being a highly respected, informed and professional member.