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Experiment with your panties offers

Selling panties is fun and easy way to increase your income. You choose the model, wear them a certain amount of time and create the most attractive advertisements possible. However at one moment you want to develop your mini business and think of new ways how to augment the profits. You can do it by selling not only panties but also other garments you’ve never thought that are able to have a big impact on men’s dirty mind. Except panties fetishism a variety of other fetishes exist.
A fetish called “tight lacing” has been part of sexual life of many. It consists of wearing really tight clothes and deriving pleasure from the body restriction. If you are one of those sensational girls having corsets in the wardrobe, now it’s time to use them. Men adore how corsets look on women’s curvy body. They enhance the figure more than a pair of bra and panties, making women irresistible. The soft fabrics from which they are generally made, slide softly under men’s hands, making them craving and naughty. Feel free to add some spicy corset offers, possibly with sexy pair of panties, and soon you’ll get the attention of the buyers.Girl showing butt and undressing panties in upskirt
The most popular foot fetish can be of significant use in selling. You can sell not only sexy panties and silky stockings, but socks too. Experiment and try to read men’s dirty thoughts. They comprise everything related to feet, garments, images, which can make your panties offers more various than ever. Look for some old plain socks at home and put on them for a certain amount of time in order for them to get sweaty. Various researches have proved that men get turned on by women’s sweat containing different pheromones. You can even add your old unused sneakers for the naughty foot fetishists. Sweat with panties, socks, shoes, and then you can combine them in some naughty offers to make the price higher.
You can sell things you would never think of. Take out all of your unfashionable uniforms you have and put them as offers. Kitchen aprons you no longer use, old school uniforms, cheerleader clothes, you can also mix garments and combine by yourself different types of costumes like waitress, nurse, stripper clothes. It’s all up to you. Open your mind and blend different models of panties with garments. A black pair of lacy panties combined with school skirt and tie would fascinate masculine audience. Such stereotypic costumes are part of naughty fantasies for which men long.
So keep your panties with a sexy scent and integrate them in some fantasies which men adore. The variety of underwear combined with the key presence of panties would make your panties business flourish.