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How old do you have to be to sell used Panties?

To sell used underwear on Pantydeal, women need to be 18 or older. It is a fun network where consulting adults can sell their used panties to appreciative, registered members who can’t live without their intimate smell. This is an adult website where sexy ladies can easily and anonymously earn money by selling used panties and other underwear.


Connect with fetish lovers and sell sell sell!

More than 25000 fetishists who can’t wait to buy worn panties or sell used sex toys are registered on this leading marketplace and social network. This is a user-friendly website that offers free signup and an individual shop system for every seller. The details are sorted out and clarified by sellers and buyers between themselves, before the transaction is agreed upon. It is a loving relationship between excited adults – the sellers are happy about the extra cash as well as being able to provide a unique service and the buyers are content about a safe place to make their sexual fantasies come true.

Adults who adore womens aroma

Daring adults who adore the exiting aroma of women from different walks of life will benefit from using this straightforward instructions and other first-rate features and user tools. Strict site regulations protect personal data so that the amateurs can sell their fetish items safely, while earning money. No need to lose sleep over hidden fees or exorbitant commissions. None of that is applicable to this site, only perks like free handling and individual contract conciliation. Hundreds of classified ads and articles can be browsed and once registered as a user; each member gets a user account, a complimentary card, a photo album and a messaging system. He or she can watch videos and chat to other members and sellers.

The ratings system’s accuracy makes it easy to set up a deal because it is guaranteed that the women are indeed amateurs, the photographs genuine and the panties exactly as advertised.