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Why do Some Men Wear Women’s Used Panties

To some people, the idea of there being plenty of men willing to pay good money for used undergarments such as bras, hosiery, lingerie, and panties or any other item worn by a woman is considered weird.


The most popular types of panty fetishes

In fact, one of the most popular types of panty fetishes involves used women panties. With the advent of the internet, the industry of used panties has been on the rise. Currently, the industry consists primarily of women selling their used panties through independent websites like However, the fetish is not just limited to panty sniffing and licking; some men actually find it more sexually fulfilling when they wear women’s used panties. To some, wearing women panties is usually a matter of preference and never about being effeminate. Most of these men love the feel and the thrill of a woman’s underpants as they find it to be erotic.

Just about all men who purchase used panties from the website do it for the scent. Most of the guys who wear these panties usually love carrying the woman’s scent with them. This does not come as a surprise as a woman’s scent is considered as a very powerful sexual tool. These used panty fetishists usually prefer panties from a single woman whom they lust or have crush on. For customer retention, most panty sellers on pantydeal usually prefer such buyers. However, there are those men who just love wearing used panties and they don’t care really who they belonged to. To them, the panties are used to enhance their sexual fantasies and the woman who wore them is considered irrelevant.

Other men just love the texture of the used panties. Usually women panties are made out of soft fabrics like satin and silk, which are textiles that are not available to men. The feel of the panties together with the scent that accompanies them, reminds them of women. However, most seasoned used panty fetishist love trying their erection burst through the used panties and to achieve this experience, they are willing to spend money to get these panties from online networks.