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Juicy and wet panties

How to preserve the scent of wet panties?

Before one can sell used panties, and gain a profit from the same, one should conduct research as to how to preserve the scent of the panties. Clients do not just pay for used thongs; they purchase the scent that comes with the panty. Scents can be preserved in various ways, to ensure that the client purchasing the panty gets exactly what they are paying for.

Juicy and wet panties
Juicy and wet panties

How to keep the used panties wet and juicy

Juicy panties can be preserved in zip lock bags. Folding the panties into the bag immediately after removing them, ensures that the original smell remains in place. Sip lock bags are cheap and easily available, ideal for a starter. However, it is important to note that panties stored in zip lock bags may not earn more money as other storage measures, especially for clients who enjoy sniffing. Sniffers and panty buyers often state that the zip lock bag could interfere with the natural scent of the panty especially when it is not used carefully.
Verified internet sites like with excellent user reviews encourage members to use vacuum sealers to preserve the scent in the panties they are selling. The vacuum sealer maintains the different scent zones. Furthermore, stronger scents that can be collected especially when the wearer of the panty is hot, and moisture resulting from the same can be preserved as they are. In such a case, clients are usually willing to pay much for these used panties. In addition, where the panties on sale are stained, the original stains are preserved and maintained, ensuring that the cost goes even higher and that you get regular clients.

Wet panties and where to buy them:

Wet panties are in high demand, and can earn you a lot. Panties collected when one is horny, are ideal for increasing sale and generating new clients. However, in order to maintain these clients, the scent of the wet panties must be maintained as it is. Any changes to the natural scent can cause clients to be less satisfied and therefore move to seek other sellers. The scent of the panties and moisture content must be maintained as it is, in order to please clients. Before mailing or shipping any used panty, as a seller it is important to ensure that you have taken precautions to maintain the scent properly.