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is selling used panites illegal or legal?

Is it illegal to buy and sell used panties and dirty socks?

If you’ve been thinking about making some extra income by joining the thousands of women selling their used underwear online, it’s only natural that you want to be sure that what you’re doing is completely legal.

is selling used panites illegal or legal?
is selling used panites illegal or legal?

Selling used panties online is 100% legal

The good news is that, in the UK, it’s not against the law to buy or sell used panties. That said, most of the major online auction and payment sites will not allow such items to be listed or traded as they breach their business regulations. This means that if you want to reach eager customers willing to pay good money for your used thongs, panties and underwear, you’ll need to turn to a specialist site.

Pantydeal is the biggest marketplace online for buying and selling your panties and makes it safe, simple and easy to find hundreds of men eager to get their hands on your dirty underwear. It’s easy money and while you might not be able to earn a full-time salary, you can certainly make a useful second income with which to treat your sex to a few of life’s little luxuries.

What you should keep in mind if you want to start selling used panties

Though you don’t have to worry about the law, there are a few practical considerations it’s worth bearing in mind if you want to make the most of this way of life. The men who buy used panties do so because they love the way a woman smells in her most intimate areas. You’ll need to wear each pair of panties for at least a full day and night – 24 hours – but the longer you wear them, the more you’ll be able to sell them for.

The key to success in the panty selling business:

Customer satisfaction is the key to continuing success. The more strongly your panties smell of you, the happier the men who buy them will be and the more business you’ll get. When planing your profits, don’t forget to make an allowance for the cost of buying the panties in the first place and always remember that you can only wear one pair at a time.